The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Shopify CRM App

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Running an online business can be both exciting and challenging. As your customer base grows, it becomes crucial to have a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. A CRM app helps you manage and nurture your customer relationships, streamline sales processes, and improve overall efficiency. If you’re using Shopify as your e-commerce platform, finding the right CRM app can make a world of difference.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best Shopify CRM app options available and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in!

What is a Shopify CRM App?

Before we jump into the specifics, let’s clarify what a CRM app is and how it can benefit your Shopify store. A CRM app is a software solution that allows you to track and manage your customer interactions throughout their entire lifecycle. It helps you collect and organize customer data, automate tasks, and provide personalized experiences. By integrating a CRM app with your Shopify store, you can streamline your sales and marketing efforts, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Shopify CRM App

Selecting the right CRM app for your Shopify store is crucial for the success of your business. Here are some key reasons why:

  1. Improved Customer Relationship Management: A robust CRM app enables you to centralize customer data, including contact information, purchase history, and communication logs. This empowers you to provide personalized experiences, effectively communicate with your customers, and build long-lasting relationships.
  2. Enhanced Sales and Marketing Efforts: With a Shopify CRM app, you can automate repetitive sales and marketing tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, creating targeted campaigns, and tracking customer engagement. This frees up your time to focus on more important activities, such as lead generation and strategic planning.
  3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: By automating manual tasks and streamlining processes, a CRM app can significantly improve your team’s efficiency and productivity. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and provides real-time insights, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.
  4. Scalability and Growth: As your Shopify store grows, managing customer relationships becomes increasingly complex. A scalable CRM app can adapt to your evolving needs, accommodate higher volumes of data, and support your business expansion plans.

Top Shopify CRM Apps to Consider

Now that we understand the importance of a CRM app for your Shopify store, let’s explore some of the best options available:

1. Orderry CRM Integration

Orderry CRM Integration is a powerful and versatile CRM app that seamlessly integrates with Shopify. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Real-time synchronization of customer data between Shopify and the CRM
  • Automated lead capturing and management
  • Sales pipeline tracking and management
  • Email marketing automation
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Customizable dashboards and workflows

With Orderry CRM Integration, you can take your customer relationship management to the next level and drive growth for your Shopify store.

2. CRM Pro for Shopify

CRM Pro for Shopify is another popular CRM app that provides comprehensive functionality for managing customer relationships. Key features include:

  • Contact and lead management
  • Sales forecasting and pipeline management
  • Email and SMS marketing automation
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Order history tracking
  • Integrations with popular marketing and sales tools

CRM Pro for Shopify is a reliable choice for businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing efforts and improve customer satisfaction.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a widely recognized CRM app that offers a free plan with robust features. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify and provides:

  • Contact and lead management
  • Deal and pipeline tracking
  • Email marketing automation
  • Live chat and chatbot functionality
  • Social media integration
  • Extensive reporting and analytics

HubSpot CRM is an excellent option for Shopify store owners who want to get started with CRM without breaking the bank.


Choosing the right Shopify CRM app is essential for effectively managing your customer relationships and driving business growth. By considering factors such as functionality, integration capabilities, and scalability, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs. Remember, a CRM app is an investment in the success of your Shopify store, so choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations, improved sales, and satisfied customers.

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